When the booze companies tell you they’re in favor of responsible drinking they must mean they’re planning to go out of business. Responsible drinkers don’t build breweries. Breweries are built by people drink four or more drinks a day average year round. The top decile of the alcohol population accounts for 50% of the alcohol consumed. Put it a different way, 46% of all drinks consumed in the U.S. are consumed as part of drinking binges.

Anybody who tells you, you can legalize cannabis and not have more drug abuse is fooling himself. Of course we’re going to have more. The question is how much more? My belief is if you can keep the prices close to the current illicit prices you won’t get a big upsurge in heavy use. It’s the heavy users and the kids who care most about price. If you’re a causal cannabis user this stuff is so cheap you don’t care what it costs. If you’re a naïve user you can get stoned for about two bucks. The Doritos cost more. You’re not going to get stoned a lot more often if it costs a buck. It’s not the money that’s limiting you. If you’re smoking eight joints a day, the cost of a joint matters to you.


best article ive ever read about legalization

From the perspective of most mammals, this is just crazy. Most mammals sail through pregnancy quite cheerfully, dodging predators and catching prey, even if they’re delivering litters of 12. So what makes us so special? The answer lies in our bizarre placenta. In most mammals, the placenta, which is part of the fetus, just interfaces with the surface of the mother’s blood vessels, allowing nutrients to cross to the little darling. Marsupials don’t even let their fetuses get to the blood: they merely secrete a sort of milk through the uterine wall. Only a few mammalian groups, including primates and mice, have evolved what is known as a “hemochorial” placenta, and ours is possibly the nastiest of all.

Inside the uterus we have a thick layer of endometrial tissue, which contains only tiny blood vessels. The endometrium seals off our main blood supply from the newly implanted embryo. The growing placenta literally burrows through this layer, rips into arterial walls and re-wires them to channel blood straight to the hungry embryo. It delves deep into the surrounding tissues, razes them and pumps the arteries full of hormones so they expand into the space created. It paralyzes these arteries so the mother cannot even constrict them.

What this means is that the growing fetus now has direct, unrestricted access to its mother’s blood supply. It can manufacture hormones and use them to manipulate her. It can, for instance, increase her blood sugar, dilate her arteries, and inflate her blood pressure to provide itself with more nutrients. And it does. Some fetal cells find their way through the placenta and into the mother’s bloodstream. They will grow in her blood and organs, and even in her brain, for the rest of her life, making her a genetic chimera.


Jesus, file this under things I did not know about humans. Crazy!


haha. wow. am plantd. yes. 

such garden


haha. wow. am plantd. yes. 

such garden


The music video for “Family Party” has just been revealed! :D Woohoo!



"On Kurt Cobain, the grunge moment, and the critical embrace of drug abuse."

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